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Pennies From Heaven

Pennies From Heaven “Pennies from Heaven”  “10” HMNU – GYST – PYBX – SPZI – EPAZ – HALB – LVVV – GRPS – FMNJ – HHSE – RSHN Human Unitec International, Inc. – OTC: HMNU The Graystone Company, Inc. -OTC: GYST Hydro Power...

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Energy Stock Report

Energy Stock Report         Cutting Edge Technology In Solar Energy Through North America  DNA Brands, Inc. (OTC: DNAX) –  “Cutting Edge Technology” –  DNATags™an Internet of Things (IoT)...

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Mining Stocks Today

Mining Stocks Today Clifton Mining “Seeking Alpha Reports Uncovers More Than Gold” Clifton Mining Company – OTC: CFTN  – News Alert– Gold and Silver – Seeking Alpha Reports “Uncovers More Than Gold” – 14000+ acres Tooele...

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Medical Stock Report

Medical Stock Report Halberd Partners w/Arizonia State University (ASU) on Covid-19 Program(s) Halberd Corp. OTC: HALB – Has acquired exclusive licenses, multiple patents and filed multiple provisional patents related to the...

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The Tech Talk Report

The Street Reporter The Tech Talk Report Seeking Alpha Reports – Signal Advance–Technology To Transform Cybersecurity And Virtually Eliminate Remote Hacking – Military and BioMedical Applications Discussed...

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